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Our Team

John Andresen

 John Andresen, CEO / Programming Lead

Having previously owned an online livestock marketing firm and worked with industry leaders like Intel and PGE/ENRON, John offers a wide-ranging skill set encompassing Software Engineering, Technical Writing, Graphic Design, and Project Management. His extensive background equips him to spearhead Global Grange, Inc., delivering outstanding online marketing solutions customized for the food-focused ranching sector.

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Drew Gibbs

 Drew Gibbs, Cheif Operating Officer

Drew is a seasoned hospitality entrepreneur, co-owner of the family business established in 1983. His Winchester Inn and flagship restaurant, Alchemy, have received prestigious accolades. With extensive expertise gained from over two decades in wholesale, purchasing, and production within the hospitality industry, Drew is a certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Culinary Institute of America.

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Chris Bond

 Chris Bond, UX Expert

Chris Bond is an esteemed user interface consultant renowned for his expertise in web design and interactive telephone systems. Over the years, he has conducted numerous workshops across the country, empowering professionals with valuable insights in these areas. Since 1984, Mr. Bond has been a trusted human-computer expert for a prominent west coast electric utility company, providing his invaluable knowledge and guidance. He has also contributed to multiple software development projects and conducted usability tests for various utilities throughout North America.

With an extensive background in usability, Mr. Bond has been a sought-after speaker at over 50 professional conferences, where he shares his expertise on user experience. His contributions extend beyond speaking engagements, as he has published more than 35 articles on the subject in reputable publications such as Element K JournalsTM(formerly Ziff-Davis), Inside Visual BasicTM, Inside Web DevelopmentTM, and Ergonomics and DesignTM. Notably, his work has been referenced in Deborah J. Mathew's book, "Cost-Justifying Usability." For a deeper dive into his publications and blogs, click here.

Rob Dornbush, Information Architect, UX Designer

 Rob Dornbush, Information Architect, UX Designer

Rob is a Sr. UX architecture, design & development professional with over 20 years of experience in the software & application development field. He has been involved in almost every aspect of the design process from user testing, comparative product research, rapid prototyping & design docs for proposed solutions, and delivering on the promise of those proposed design specifications. For over 15 yrs. since beginning with his XO team lead role at EMC as UX Architecture National Practice. lead he has helped large enterprise clients establish UX methodologies defining roles tasks deliverables and work breakdown structures in collaboration with program management to help lead solutions delivery and respond to business clients' request for proposals with working solutions to elevate their customer experience within both web & mobile channels.

Rakesh Dhiman, Application Developer

 Rakesh Dhiman, Application Developer

Rakesh brings a unique blend of technical and legal expertise to the table. While his core strength lies in software development, with over 15 years of experience in ASP.Net technologies (C#, MVC, Core), Angular JS, Classic ASP, and MS SQL Server, he also holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications and a Bachelor's degree in Legislative Law.

His experience extends beyond traditional programming to API integrations. He's proficient in integrating various APIs, including OAuth2 authentication, RESTful APIs, and SOAP APIs. Additionally, he has experience with specific APIs like Microsoft Business Central, Stripe, Square, Authorize.Net, XERO, Google Maps, Real Estate MLS, StubHub, Quickbooks, USAePay, and PayPal.

Beyond technical skills, Rakesh demonstrates strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. He's a hard-working and self-confident individual with excellent communication and team management skills.

Kim Andresen

 Kim Andresen, Public Relations Expert

Kim Andresen is a dynamic and versatile individual with a rich tapestry of experiences across agricultural, higher education, corporate settings, and non-profit organizations. Her professional trajectory has taken her through notable roles at Pacific University, the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (now part of OHSU),, Livestock of the World, Inc., The Andresen Group, and various technology companies across Oregon. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kim is a dedicated volunteer, serving as the Southern Oregon Polar Plunge Coordinator for Special Olympics, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to the community.

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David Ruppe

 David Ruppe, Graphic Design

With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer, David Ruppe's passion for creativity and design has fueled his career. He began his journey in the newspaper industry, honing his skills and gaining valuable insights. Later, he partnered with a former editor to establish a design company, where he contributed his expertise to various projects.

David's talents also extended to illustrating college science textbooks, showcasing his ability to merge artistic flair with educational content. He excelled in book design and layout, ensuring visually appealing and cohesive publications. More recently, David has focused on serving the local and regional arts community, where he specializes in crafting captivating print and web media for arts organizations.

Throughout his professional journey, David Ruppe has consistently demonstrated his dedication to delivering exceptional designs that captivate audiences and bring ideas to life.

Rebecca Doran

 Rebecca Doran, Accounting

Rebecca Doran is a highly experienced financial professional with two decades of experience in helping companies meet their financial needs.

Currently serving as the General Manager of Winchester Inn, she works closely with the owners to maintain the financial health of the business, assure top level customer service, and manage the company's staff. She is integral for producing financial statements on a quarterly basis and overseeing all financial operations, including securing key grants and loan funding. In addition, Rebecca runs a home-based business where she assists companies across a wide range of industries in achieving their financial goals. She graduated from Southern Oregon University with a degree in English and a post-graduate degree in Accounting.

John Kreps

 John Kreps, Rancher, Project Manager, Programmer, and Tester

In his previous role as an Army combat pilot, John found himself unexpectedly assigned to a team responsible for analyzing the forms used at the flight school. This experience ignited his passion for problem-solving and set him on a path of creating successful solutions for diverse business problems over the past 30 years.

In addition to designing and developing solutions, he boasts extensive experience in project management, having logged countless hours overseeing the implementation of various projects. His background as a MIS manager, systems programmer, and programmer/analyst enables him to quickly grasp and troubleshoot application problems, including reviewing code, running SQL queries, and generating complex Crystal reports. He also possesses expertise in database structure design and has worked across industries such as retail, insurance, banking, education, oil & gas, government, and manufacturing.

But these days he is an Alpaca Rancher and owner of Corsicana Quality Alpacas where he has learned the low-stress joys of alpaca ranching.