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Kim Andresen

Public Relations Expert

Kim AndresenKim Andresen is a dynamic and versatile individual with a rich tapestry of experiences across agricultural, higher education, corporate settings, and non-profit organizations. Her professional trajectory has taken her through notable roles at Pacific University, the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (now part of OHSU),, Livestock of the World, Inc., The Andresen Group, and various technology companies across Oregon. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kim is a dedicated volunteer, serving as the Southern Oregon Polar Plunge Coordinator for Special Olympics, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to the community.

A native of Oregon, Kim's educational background mirrors her diverse interests, encompassing writing, music, and international relations. Her passion for exploration led her to pursue studies abroad as a Student Ambassador to the United States, enriching her worldview and fostering a cross-cultural appreciation. Kim is a proud alumna of North Eugene High School and holds a B.A. from Pacific University, where she delved into the realms of music, German, and creative writing.

Throughout her professional career, Kim has showcased her remarkable adaptability and expertise in both higher education and the private sector. At institutions like The Oregon Graduate Institute and Pacific University, she has played pivotal roles in alumni relations, fundraising, grant writing, and event coordination, making significant contributions to their success. In the private sphere, she has applied her talents to technology-based companies like Trinity Technologies, Inc. and ECR Services, leaving a lasting impact on their operations.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kim cherishes her family life with her husband, John, and their four children. Together, they find joy in gardening and sharing a love for music, with Kim's cello playing adds a harmonious touch to their lives. Kim's commitment to her family and community reflects her well-rounded character and her dedication to creating a positive impact on the world around her.