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John Andresen
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As the basis of all society, agriculture deserves the same robust online tools and network that other industries have come to take for granted. From ranchers to farmer, fishermen to restauranteurs, and home cooks to boutique manufacturers we're streamlining the way agribusiness connects, globally. All the online tools you need for success, all under one umbrella, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Livestock Of America


Our flagship product,, is destined to be the leading online marketplace for buying and selling livestock, services, and agricultural products. is currently live, with basic functionality, and has already garnered the support of hundreds of ranches, with over 3,000 diverse animal listings available for perusal.

Free Business Membership On

We want our customers to be involved and what better way to have our customers being involved then in owning a part of the company! If you invest $600 or more you will get a free 1-year Business membership on Livestock of America (Worth $599). Select here to learn more.

Thank you for joining us in creating a more connected and prosperous farming community!


Crowdfunding is a method through which numerous small-scale investors collectively fund a company, typically before it becomes publicly traded. Here are some of the benefits for investors:
  • Flexibility in Investment Amounts. Crowdfunding platforms often allow investors to contribute small amounts, making it more accessible to a broader range of people.
  • Diverse Investment Opportunities.: Crowdfunding provides access to a wide range of projects and ventures across different industries and sectors.
  • Potential for High Returns. In equity-based crowdfunding, investors have the potential to earn significant returns if the venture succeeds and grows in value.
  • Portfolio Diversification. Investors can spread their investments across various projects, reducing risk by not putting all their capital into a single venture.
  • Early Access to Innovative Ideas. Crowdfunding often involves innovative and early-stage ventures, giving investors a chance to be part of groundbreaking projects.
  • Engagement and Community Building. Investors can become advocates for the ventures they support, potentially leading to networking opportunities and a sense of involvement.
  • Improved Investment Opportunities. Crowdfunding breaks down traditional barriers, allowing individuals to invest in startups and ventures that were once only accessible to institutional investors.


We are currently raising funds on Weunder to expand our team and further develop our services. Your investment will help us to:
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  • Expand our marketing and outreach efforts.
  • Launch new products and services.

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