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Global Grange Simultaneously Unveils Innovative Agribusiness Platform and Launches CrowdFunding Campaign to Elevate Farm-to-Table Success

Medford, OR - October 24, 2023 - Global Grange, an emerging force in agribusiness, introduces the start of a suite of game-changing initiatives designed to revolutionize the way ranches, farms, and restaurants work together. And they have a novel way of inspiring their customers to be involved and own a piece of the company.

“Global Grange’s ultimate goal is to connect farms and ranches with independent restaurants,” said visionary Founder and CEO of Global Grange, John Andresen. “Our Farm 2 Table software will be elevated until it fully supports the supply chain between food producers and food-servers.”

“Currently, the convenient choice is one in which the fresh product is harvested, driven 500 miles in the wrong direction, then driven back to your doorstep,” said Drew Gibbs, COO and Co-Founder of Global Grange. Gibbs is also the co-owner of both Alchemy and Chateaubriand36 Gourmet restaurants in Ashland, OR. “We need to rethink the way we bring farm-fresh produce into the hands of local kitchens.” And that is exactly what Global Grange is doing.

To fuel their ambitious vision, Global Grange invites investors to participate in their Wefunder crowdfunding campaign. “We want as much input from our customers as possible, and having them own a piece of the company is a great way to have them involved, “ said Andresen. Farmers, ranchers, and restaurateurs who invest $600 or more will get a free 1-year Business membership, worth $600, and they can start their free year; whenever they wish.. You can learn more about their Wefunder campaign at

Leading the charge is a two-piece initial offering: and their Harvest Hub SAAS (Software As A Service). They are two pieces of the puzzle. Ranchers maintain their information in the Harvest Hub software and their animals are marketed on

“We built for every species and quality of Livestock,” says Andresen. boasts an extensive array of species it serves: cattle, chickens, emus, goats, horses, llamas, pigs, rabbits, sheep, turkeys, and much, much more. Ranchers can seamlessly present their livestock for sale, complete with photos, pricing details, ancestry, progeny, video, descriptions, etc. has already garnered the support of hundreds of ranches, with over 3,000 diverse animal listings available for perusal. Future enhancements will encompass a broad spectrum of offerings, including saleable products, expert insights into farming and ranching techniques, business resources, and pasture management strategies.

“The heart of Global Grange's solution is our proprietary online software: The Harvest Hub,” said Andresen. We are designing an extensive and user-friendly platform that will simplify the daily operations of busy farmers and ranchers. This technology is set to usher in a new era of convenience, connectivity, and growth in the agricultural sector,” said Searcy.

“Farmers and ranchers have long needed a dedicated online marketplace that truly understands their unique challenges and aspirations. Unlike niche websites that cater only to specific breeds or products, or overly broad platforms where agricultural listings get lost in the noise, has meticulously crafted with one mission: to empower the business of farming,” said Ben Searcy, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Global Grange.

“But, that’s just the start, ” says Andresen. “We are going to build and build on that. The Harvest Hub will be the center of the wheel with many other ‘spoke’ websites connected to it. Livestock on one website, vegetables on another, products on another, and so on.”

The Harvest Hub will also offer a comprehensive range of resources. It will provide extensive tools to support the supply chain between small farmers and independent restaurants. We will help move the ingredients right down the road - helping farmers and restaurants save money while helping deliver fresher, tastier, ingredients.

Through this integrated approach, Global Grange sets the stage for a transformative shift in agribusiness, promising a brighter future for food businesses across the nation.

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